Fish labels provide guidance - when buying fish

How do restaurateurs know they can buy and offer tuna with a clear conscience? Fish labels are one example of the guidance that identifies sustainable tuna. Remember: restaurants are not allowed to advertise labels. Fish labels only offer guidance when purchasing.

fish labels offers guidance

What´s it all about?

  • MSC ecolabel
  • FOS label
  • Dolphin-SAFE label
  • ASC label

🐟 MSC ecolabel

A fish label for wild fish comes from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Tuna products that bear the MSC ecolabel come from non-overfished areas or areas where there have been verifiable recovery phases for previously overfished stocks. In addition, the MSC ecolabel stands for fishing that contributes to the maintenance of ecosystems by minimising bycatching and certifying catch methods that do not damage the seabed. It also shows that national laws and international standards have been strictly adhered to. Some tuna products from METRO are certified with the MSC ecolabel, for example the Tuna Chunks in their own juice.

🐟 FOS label

Like the MSC ecolabel, the Friend of the Sea (FOS) label identifies fish that come from non-overfished stocks. Products that bear the FOS label have been caught using selective methods, such as line fishing, and must adhere to a bycatch rate of under 8% of the total catch. Bycatching endangered sea life must be avoided entirely. Many tuna products from the fish counter in the wholesale store are certified with the FOS label, including fresh tuna steaks.

🐟 Dolphin-SAFE label

Another fish label for wild fish is the Dolphin-SAFE label from the Earth Island Institute (EII). This stands for ‘dolphin-safe tuna fishing’ but not for any other sustainability aspects, such as the maintenance of tuna stocks or biodiversity. It indicates that no drift nets are used for tuna fishing, there must be no bycatching of dolphins and dolphin schools that swim together with tuna shoals must not be hunted as the intentional purpose of tuna fishing. Large fishing ships also have an independent observer on board to verify adherence to the SAFE criteria. Customers can find the Dolphin-SAFE label on canned tuna from the METRO own brands , for example the Pizza Tuna in Sunflower Oil from aro, and on fresh tuna products from the METRO range.

🐟 ASC label

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certifies fish and seafood products from aquaculture with the ASC label. Products with the ASC label come from farms that work responsibly and sustainably and adhere to internationally applicable social and environmental requirements. Important factors include the choice of location for fish breeding, high water quality, the choice of food and the regulated use of antibiotics.

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