The METRO Professional equipment in the chef's test

Professional equipment for the food service industry is constantly made to work hard. METRO’s Quality Management team regularly takes a close look at own-brand products and optimises them to make sure they always meet the company’s quality standards.

Non-Food Professional

Getting a handle on things

Non-Food Professional

Following a suggestion from a professional chef and customer, the METRO Professional aluminium frying pan now has a new handle. It is higher than before and set at a steeper angle. This means there is more space between the hob and the handle, and the pan can be held comfortably for easy use.

No more stuck-on food

Non-Food Professional

An improved non-stick coating, for less wear and a longer-lasting scratchproof finish. To choose the right coating for professional-use frying pans, METRO entered its Professional aluminium frying pan into a durability comparison test. Thanks to the new coating, it emerged as the clear winner.

METRO Professional

Customer feedback is priceless because pots, pans and the like prove their worth in everyday use. The METRO Professional own brand offers non-food and near-food items for professional use. The reliable and specialised accessories are continually tested and developed in conjunction with experienced catering professionals. The valuable feedback from METRO’s customers is also taken into account, enabling practical, reliable, durable and effective products to be produced by professionals for professionals.

Hot and energy-efficient

Non-Food Professional

The METRO Professional deep fat fryer proves that it is what’s inside that counts. The mesh underneath the frying basket is now much finer. This allows oil to circulate better inside the fryer, helps to maintain a constant temperature and reduces electricity usage.

First-hand feedback

METRO relies on the know-how of professionals for product development and quality assurance worldwide. For example, Giancarlo Conoscenti, METRO Academy Chef in Bologna, is helping to develop a pasta cooker for METRO Professional (More: The pasta cooker experts). And also at Gastronometro, METRO Turkey’s culinary training and development centre and community platform in Istanbul, professionals from the field put new own brand products to the test in agile teams: Culinary think tank on the Bosporus.

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