Recipe: Tainach brook trout and its roe – by Sven Elverfeld

Fine cuisine without classic ‘luxury products’? Michelin-starred chef Sven Elverfeld shows how something special can be created from supposedly simple products. Sven Elverfeld’s recipe recommendation: Tainach brook trout and its roe with lettuce, mushrooms, and hazelnuts.

Sven Elverfeld at his kitchen

Sven Elverfeld in his kitchen.

Tainach brook trout by sven elverfeld

What´s it all about?

Sven Elverfeld´s recipe recommendation: Tainach brook trout. Try this out!

Brook trout

Ingredients for 6 servings:

  • 6 portions brook trout fillets (40g each, keep skin for later) salt
  • 2 tbsp brown butter

👉 Place the fillets on a baking sheet and brush with the brown butter. Cover with clear film and leave to stand under a food warmer (not too hot).
Dry the brook trout skin for a good while on baking paper under the food warmer and deep fry at 200°C. Salt it lightly and keep it warm for serving.

Mushroom essence

👉 Roughly grate the mushrooms. Roughly dice the shallots and fry them gently in the clarified butter until they start to colour. Add ¾ of the grated mushrooms and brown them well, deglaze with cognac and flambé. Add the white wine and sherry and reduce slightly, then top up with fish stock until the mushrooms are covered. Bring once to the boil then leave to simmer for 30 minutes over a low heat. Cover and leave to infuse for around four hours. Chill.
Make a clarifier with the remaining mushrooms, egg white, vegetable stock, sherry, white wine, cognac, salt, pepper and the remaining herbs and spices. Allow the clarifier to infuse for 30 minutes. Add the clarifier to the cooled mushroom stock, bring slowly to the boil and leave to simmer for 30 minutes over a low heat. Pour through a cloth strainer.

Lettuce cream

👉 First, use a Thermomix to blend all ingredients except the lettuce leaves into a fine puree. Finally, add in as many leaves as necessary to achieve a thickish consistency. Season with salt and pepper.

Mushroom espuma

👉 Roughly grate the mushrooms. Sweat the diced shallots in clarified butter then add the grated mushrooms and fry. Add the garlic. Deglaze with Noilly Prat and white wine. Leave to reduce and top up with mushroom essence and cream. Allow the liquid to reduce until the mushrooms are visible again. Blend in the Thermomix. Season with salt and pepper then add enough xanthan gum and ProEspuma to achieve the desired consistency. Pour into iSi bottles and screw in two capsules.

Mushroom essence for serving

👉 90 g mushroom essence lightly tempered with caviar, parsley, chives and stalk brunoise.

Recipe: Tainach brook trout – by Sven Elverfeld


  • 6 tsp powder from a grape must vinegar and olive oil emulsion frozen in nitrogen salt
  • 3 tbsp roasted hazelnuts
  • 6 small lettuce hearts
  • brook trout skin

    👉 When the fish is translucent, season with salt and place in the centre of the plate. Spread a little mushroom essence and its garnishes around the fish.
    Spray some mushroom espuma on the fish and drape lightly salted mushroom slices on top of the foam. Brush the lettuce hearts with the lettuce cream, sprinkle with grated hazelnuts and dust with the frozen must powder. Place these on the fish. Add more mushroom shavings. Place the brook trout skin on the lettuce.

🍴 Enjoy your meal!

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