Food Report: Trends 2022

Zero Waste, Local Exotics and Real Omnivore are 3 huge trends that restaurateurs should keep an eye on. In her latest report, food expert Hanni Rützler explains what guests truly value.

A woman takes a picture of her food with her cell phone in a restaurant.

What do the guests want to eat? What is the latest nutrition trend? What do gourmets enjoy and what would they like to see less of on their plates in the future? The answers to these questions help restaurateurs adapt their menus to the tastes of their guests and thus entice them to return to the restaurant over and over. These are the 3 current trends:

Zero Waste: consume sustainably, avoid waste

Throwing away less food and thus protecting the environment – restaurateurs can also make a significant contribution in this area and impress their guests. It’s one thing to use leftovers sensibly and to operate based on principles like ‘nose-to-tail’ or ‘leaf-to-root’. But Zero Waste also considers how, when and where food is grown. A great example here is the seasonal calendar for fruit and vegetables. ‘Zero Waste is becoming acceptable for everyday use,’ says Hanni Rützler. ‘Committed restaurateurs are significantly contributing to reducing global food waste with innovative concepts.’

Local Exotics: uniting culinary contradictions

‘In the future, seafood from Tyrol or wasabi from the greenhouse will save endless kilometres of transport and make it possible to enjoy even unusual foods without a guilty conscience,’ explains the food trend expert. More and more local farmers, fish breeders and vegetable growers are turning to the cultivation or breeding of exotic plants and animals: they are following the trend towards sustainable, regional food sourcing, while simultaneously helping restaurateurs satisfy their diners’ cravings for exotic ingredients in food and beverages. Even diners who prefer to support their local businesses can experience culinary delights from around the world – and feel good about it.

Hanni Rützler

The “Real Omnivores” are the trailblazers that will put our current food culture to the test.

Hanni Rützler, food trend expert

Real Omnivore: eat everything to save the planet

Eat what everyone else eats, but also try new things. That is the idea behind ‘Real Omnivore’. The focus is on animal welfare and the health of the planet. ‘The real omnivores are less concerned with abandoning traditional foods than with including unusual foods and food-tech innovations such as proteins from insects or meat from the Petri dish in their diet,’ elaborates Hanni Rützler. The ‘Real Omnivores’ are the trailblazers that will put our current food culture to the test and break down eating habits. ‘They want to live in harmony with nature, but their health and the prosperity of society are equally important to them,’ says the expert. ‘Real Omnivores are already trying out what could feed us all in the future.’

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