Professional vs. household appliances: why the right equipment matters

Normal household appliances in the hospitality kitchen? Not for the pros. Because special industry appliances are larger, more powerful, faster and more efficient. How exactly do professional kitchen appliances differ from those for private households? And which appliances are only used in the hospitality industry?


  • Commercial dishwashers wash and dry dirty dishes in just 1 to 5 minutes.

💡 Five tips for efficient energy saving in the hospitality industry

Household vs. pro kitchen appliances

What´s it all about?

  • Restaurant coffeemaker
  • Restaurant refrigerator
  • Industrial dishwasher
  • Ladles
  • Restaurant deep fryer
  • Combination steamer
professional kitchen appliances

Restaurant coffee maker: high performance at peak times

In busy cafés, speed is of the essence. Professional portafilter machines with four brewing groups can make up to eight espressos simultaneously, a significant advantage during peak times. Home coffee makers, in contrast, typically have just one brewing group and can only make one espresso at a time. So, while the amateur barista carefully brews a single cup, the professional has already served an entire round.

Industrial dishwasher: clean in record time

Commercial dishwashers wash and dry dirty dishes in just 1 to 5 minutes. Even the most modern domestic dishwashers can’t compete because their fastest cycles take around 30 minutes. To match the efficiency of a single industrial dishwasher, you would need at least 6 conventional household appliances running simultaneously.

Restaurant refrigerator: large-capacity freshness

With capacities ranging from 400 to 800 litres, restaurant refrigerators are designed to keep large quantities of food fresh for extended periods. Household refrigerators, on the other hand, are designed for the daily needs of one family. Additionally, restaurant refrigerators feature advanced temperature control with multiple cooling zones, each adjustable to different settings. While a domestic refrigerator often struggles when fully loaded, the cooling capacity of a professional appliance remains constant and reliable.

Skimmers: more space, less effort

As large as a pizza plate, with a diameter of about 20 cm, hospitality industry skimmers are significantly bigger than standard household skimmers. This allows professionals to serve large quantities more efficiently and makes it easier to work with large pots and pans. A professional skimmer can easily hold 4 to 6 standard portions, allowing professionals to serve a large group in one go.

Restaurant deep fryer: time-saving kitchen aids

Whether at sporting events, festivals or company parties, professional electric deep fryers excel at one thing above all: saving time. In just 5 minutes, they can prepare up to 60 portions of chips, far surpassing household appliances that often manage only 2 to 3 portions at a time. This enormous capacity allows restaurants and fast-food outlets to respond to high demand quickly, significantly reducing waiting times.

Combination steamer: the multifunctional powerhouse

Boil, bake, steam, roast and simmer – all with a single appliance. No problem with the combination steamer. This versatile kitchen tool can prepare entire menus on multiple levels at the same time, providing each dish with the precise heat and moisture it needs. Household kitchen appliances simply cannot match this level of precision and efficiency. The combination steamer is too specialised and costly for domestic use, which is why it’s specifically designed for professional kitchens.

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