How to find the right wine accompaniment?

Like the icing on the cake: The right wine makes the meal complete. But how do you find the right match? Clara Richert, Head of Wine at METRO, gives some tips.

As Head of Global Wine Management, tip provider Clara Richert offers expert advice: she tracks international trends, analyses sales figures and maintains a constant exchange with colleagues and wine producers in the METRO countries.

What´s it all about?

  • Trend: non-alcoholic wines
  • The cork myth
  • Chocolate and wine
  • Spicy meal

🍷 Spice and variety of flavour call for intensity

Often, Asian cuisine is spicy and complex in its flavours. A wine to complement it should have a pronounced flavour intensity and a deep aromatic character, so that it can stand up to both the spiciness and the flavours of the meal. A recommendation: Claus Jacob Grauburgunder Urmeer Löss.

🍷 Light to light, dark to dry

It doesn’t always have to be cheese. Chocolate and wine, for example, is a pairing with wide-ranging possibilities. Light wines go well with lighter varieties of chocolate, while champagne and sparkling rosé harmonise with white chocolate. As a match for a full-bodied, structured dry red wine, I recommend dark chocolate.

🍷 The cork myth

Don’t be put off by the screw cap! The notion that a cork stands for quality has a long tradition – and is a misconception. It’s true that in France, for example, most wine bottles are corked. In newer wine countries like Australia and New Zealand, almost all wines come with a screw cap.

🍷 Non-alcoholic wines on trend

Light, affordable and easy to drink, sometimes even alcohol-free – that’s one of the latest trends in wine. Alcohol-free sparkling wines are especially popular – classics like champagne, prosecco or crémant. My advice is to go with the trend and include alternatives like these on your menu.

Clara Richert in her office

Wine market: the hottest trends

Clara Richert, wine expert at METRO, shares her insights on wine essentials and the hottest market trends.

Expertise for the ultimate wine experience

Expertise for the ultimate wine experience

Harmonious, floral or dry – wine has many flavors. Finding the right wine is no easy task.

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