Sales Force / Customer Manager

A customer manager looks after a particular group of customers and continually maintains existing customer relationships. METRO calls these customer managers its sales force. They support professional customers at their location, advise them on products and services, and answer questions about ordering and delivery.

What’s it all about?

  • What is a customer manager?
  • What is the METRO sales force?
  • How do METRO customers benefit from having a personal customer manager?

What is a customer manager?

A customer manager looks after a particular group of customers and continually maintains existing customer relationships. They advise customers in meetings, focus on their issues, recommend suitable products and support them in solving problems. The primary goals of a customer manager are to increase customer satisfaction, shore up customer retention and ultimately promote company growth.

What is the METRO Sales Force?

The METRO sales force  includes customer managers from the back office and field service. They are hospitality consultants, a point of contact at an equal level, and a provider of solutions for professional customers from the hospitality industry – both in the store and with the customer at their location. As part of the largest field service team in the hospitality sector, the customer managers in the field mostly take care of new customer business through onsite visits. Customer managers in the back office focus more on existing and delivery customers in close collaboration with the wholesale stores and the delivery depot.

How do METRO customers benefit from having a customer manager?

Alongside a functioning supply chain , the service is a significant success factor in customer retention and satisfaction. The individual customer managers in the METRO sales force are the port of call for professional customers. For example, when a restaurateur applies for a METRO customer card  in a METRO wholesale store, the customer manager gets in touch – not just by telephone but in person too. The customer manager shows them both the store and other ordering options, and presents the most important METRO tools and offers in a series of meetings. Alongside the digital tools from DISH POS by METRO, professional catering equipment from Pentagast , as well as food and non-food items from METRO own brands, the customer manager advises on all aspects of delivery, ordering and the availability of goods. The back office team provides background support by taking care of existing customers, fulfilling customer wishes and maintaining schedules and processes.

The METRO sales force is a crucial factor in achieving the ambitious goals of the METRO sCore strategy. The METRO sales force currently stands at 6,500 employees. By 2030, METRO plans to at least double this number.

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