Expert tips: cooking with plant-based mince

Alternative proteins are all the rage – and tasty new plant-based options abound. José Luis del Amo explains what to bear in mind when using plant-based mince in your recipes.

Expert tips: cooking with plant-based mince

José Luis del Amo, chef at the METRO subsidiary Classic Fine Foods, develops new recipes incorporating these plant-based innovations and passes his knowledge on in training events and tastings. His advice on how to prepare veggie mice:

There are some products that come with the look and texture of actual fried minced meat. For chilli, bolognese sauce or roulades, these still have to be browned for a few minutes. That keeps them firm and crumbly.

‘Don’t be surprised by their consistency. When raw, some varieties of plant-based mince are softer and fluffier than their animal counterpart. But thanks to their special formulation, they become firmer when heated and maintain their form.’

If you’re making meatballs, dumplings  or patties, always form the mince promptly on taking it out of the fridge, at about 4 to 6 degrees Celsius – because a lot of products contain vegetable fats like coconut oil that have a low melting point.

‘Salt the veggie mince with caution, as the products usually are already lightly salted.’

Good herbs and spices give the plant-based mince the ultimate kick. Use fresh rather than dried herbs. Briefly toast spices and seeds – that intensifies their characteristic flavour. For the finishing touch, add a spritz of fresh lemon juice.

Vegetarian and vegan alternatives at METRO

With a broad product range of own brands and trader’s brands, METRO helps businesses in the food service industry to create menus full of diverse dishes for healthy, sustainable enjoyment. For modern, meatless cuisine, many vegan and vegetarian substitute products are available, such as vegan mince, oat milk, plant-based whipping cream and vegetarian and vegan fillets and cutlets. A new addition to the assortment is the vegan liquid egg product ‘Simply Eggless’ – making METRO the first food wholesaler in Germany to offer a liquid egg alternative that is identical to the animal product in taste and texture. METRO is committed to offering ‘conscious proteins’.

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