Delicate Rolls for a Roller Coaster Ride of Flavours

Does experience gastronomy fit into an ice cream cone? For Costa Demirtzis, without a doubt. He serves frozen desserts in Düsseldorf’s first Ice Rolls ice cream parlour, the Rollacosta – a very unique flavour experience.


Tack-Tack-Tack – a fast staccato echoes through the room, followed by four or five steady scratching sounds in a row. When Costa Demirtzis prepares his ice cream creation, everything has to go very quickly. Every move is perfect. Watching the 39-year-old, one can observe an ice cream artist: highly concentrated and precise, he applies the liquid cream mass to a steel plate cooled to minus 25 degrees. He crushes fruit and biscuits in a flash and smoothes everything down to a fine layer. Demirtzis then uses a spatula to roll up the mass piece by piece into fine rolls. His favourite creation? Definitely 'peanut butter and chocolate.'

Beach feeling in the middle of the city

In the heart of Düsseldorf’s historic section of town, the trained biotechnology engineer has fulfilled his dream of independence and opened his first shop – Rollacosta, the first Ice Rolls ice cream parlour in Düsseldorf. 'I've always had a passion for food and with ice rolls there are countless flavour varieties to try – I think that's what fascinates me about the whole thing,' says Demirtzis. 'It never gets boring.'

And indeed, a glance at the menu proves it – with variations such as raspberry-chocolate muesli, sesame honey or bubble wafer. The restaurant is reminiscent of a beach hut: with wooden materials for the counter and menu board, sand as wallpaper, a large area of painted sun and surfboards as decorative elements for the obligatory visitor selfie.

The ice cream base: A vegan recipe from a pastry chef

What makes his Ice Rolls so special? The base cream certainly plays a role. Demirtzis developed it together with pastry chef Marc Witzsche. On a vegan basis – all toppings and ingredients should develop their full flavour. The machines for the production of rolls were also developed by Demirtzis himself, and they fit perfectly for precise work. Sustainability and the avoidance of plastic also play a role:

Rollacosta offers experience gastronomy in a cup. So I need a reliable partner at my side, like METRO.

Costa Demirtzis

Rolla Costa

Cups and spoons are made of cornstarch and are 100% recyclable. A concept that goes down well. On the opening day, people were queuing up in front of his ice cream parlour, sometimes without knowing what was in the shop at all – simply because the queue was so big that they were convinced it must be something good.

Ice Rolls

Originally, the trend comes from Thailand, but in recent years it has spread via the USA to Germany. Ice Rolls is a frozen dessert made of stainless steel on an ice-cold surface. The liquid ice cream is cooled down to minus degrees with any ingredients and rolled into wafer form using a spatula technique.

In his interview with MPULSE, Demirtzis talks about the daily challenges of everyday life in gastronomy. One of these challenges is the financing of equipment.

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