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He wanted something special. No regular kiosk. In just 6 months and two days, Hikmet Erkin converted his shop into a modern, automated kiosk - a digital kiosk in which shutters and refrigerators are controlled via app. And yet there is still a lot of tradition to be found there.

The fact that shutters open automatically in the morning, that the coffee machine starts up own its own and that the refrigerator reports when it needs to be refilled is something special. Hikmet Erkin wanted something special when he took over the "Gimmer" kiosk at the beginning of 2018, which had existed since 1954. 

In just 6 months and two days, the trained electrician converted the kiosk in Herten into one of the most digital kiosks in the Ruhr area.  He did everything on his own. He uses an app to control everything - from the shutters to the lights to the cash register. "Everything is automated except the shop door" Erkin smiles, "I still have to open it myself in the morning".

Mrs Gimmer, the previous owner is delighted. On the opening day, with a few magazines in her hand, she really wanted to be the first customer in the new kiosk. That was also something special for Erkin. He knew that the name "Gimmer" was well known in the neighborhood. Many of his customers still remember it - and like to come here. Because he combines tradition with modernity so well. The sign "Gimmer- seit 1954" still hangs on the house facade. Now it is controlled by app.

It is a known fact that every successful business location depends in particular on small companies and the courage of their founders.

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