November 2017

A waiter can't know everything about all the wines on the card. With Somm'It, two french guys and top-sommelier Gérard Basset develop the perfect app for that.

How can restaurants improve their beverage management as well as serve their guests a wine that meets their preferences and is a good fit for their meal? Over the past two years, Gregory Castelli and Jean-Baptiste Cordovado, founders of the start-up SOMM'IT, have been working on a software that makes dealing with wine a lot easier for restaurant owners.

Serving wine and managing the wine cellar at the same time is a challange, says Gregory Castelli in an interview. SOMM'IT offers three convincing benefits: a simple beverage management, the easy assembly of an always up-to-date wine menu and support with the education and training of their staff.

Castelli and Cordovado started in Bordeaux and are now targeting more cities: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and Marseille. The next step is to make the app attractive for restaurant guests as well: Each guest will be able to choose a wine via the app- perfectly coordinated according to taste and the chosen meal.

Catelli and Cordovado started in Bordeauy and are now targeting more cities

The next step is to make the app attractive for restaurant guests as well

Necessary for the success for the app: an extensive knowledge about wine. This is provided by Gérard Basset, one of the best sommeliers in the world. Basset is a member of the founding team. With SOMM'IT, this knowledge is available for all users of the app- whether it is a waiter or a customer. "I convinced Basset to join us over a glass of wine," says Castelli and smiles. Any other choice of drink would have been unthinkable.

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