Does a Clean Conscience Fit into a Box?

Annually, about 24 kg of food per customer in German restaurants end up in the bin. METRO offers restaurateurs the 'Beste-Reste-Box' for more sustainability.

Best-Rest-Box - what goes all in there?

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The initiative "Zu gut für die Tonne" ("too good for the bin") and "Greentable", the information portal for a sustainable restaurant and catering industry, have developed the ultimate doggy bag. Top chefs such as Christian Rach, Hein O. Wehmann and Herbert Beltle support the campaign "Restlos genießen" ("Enjoy without waste).

Against food waste

If, while browsing the menu, their eyes were bigger than their tummies, then customers can now have their leftovers put into the box. For a late night feast at
home. Like this, restaurateurs and foodies make a strong point against food waste.

For more sustainability

A whole lunch can fit into the box. It is fat- and water repellent, odourless and food safe. The box can be sealed tightly and does not leak. It is suitable for the
microwave as well as the freezer. In addition, it can be recycled and is completely biodegradable.

Join in!

More than 200 restaurants and caterers are already taking part. The container for more sustainability is available at all German METRO Cash & Carry wholesale

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