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METRO prefers to go digital. The free METRO app, METRO Companion app offers a range of services and functions that promote a better and faster shopping experience.

What’s it all about?

  • What are shopping apps?
  • What functions does the METRO app offer?
  • What operating systems does the METRO Companion app work on?
  • In which countries do customers benefit from METRO Companion?

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What are shopping apps?

More and more retailers and wholesalers are using shopping apps. Contrary to a website, an app provides a more intuitive user interface and offers the provider numerous options for interacting with the users. Also, apps store a huge amount of user data locally, including customer data. They provide information about current offers, showcase the latest online leaflets and frequently offer exclusive rebates or promotions. Some shopping apps also include a Scan & Go function that significantly speeds up the payment process. What’s more, with many apps, users can deactivate printed paper receipts and instead receive their paperless checkout receipt digitally in the app.

What functions does the METRO app offer?

METRO customers can improve their shopping experience with the METRO app, called METRO Companion. All customer data are stored in the app so customers always have their digital customer card to hand – assuming they always carry their smartphone. If customers own more than one company, they can even store several customer cards in the app and switch between their business accounts each time they shop. Users of the METRO app also benefit from digital invoices, which are stored in the app as a replacement for paper invoices. These invoices can be sent by email and migrated directly into their accounting software. Another benefit of the METRO Companion app is that it notifies users about current offers, leaflets, events and discount coupons – all in one place. Also, a product search integrated into the app includes all product information, including prices and availability. If the desired products are available in the store, customers can use the time-saving Scan & Go function in the store to complete their purchases using their digital customer card. And if they have no time to shop for themselves, they can manage digital purchasing authorisations via the METRO app. The authorised person can then make the trip to the wholesale store.

What operating systems does the METRO Companion app work on?

The METRO app is available for both iOS and Android. If customers want to download and install the app, they can find it under the name ‘METRO Companion’ in their app store. The app works best on smartphones with Android 6 and above or iOS 10 and above, with a screen size of 4 to 5.8 inches. METRO is developing the app in two versions, which is why there can be some minor temporary differences between iOS and Android in terms of functions and services. For example, updates to the METRO app are published for iOS first, with Android following a few weeks later.

In which countries do customers benefit from the METRO Companion App?

The METRO app is not only available in Germany, but also in many other METRO countries. METRO customers can download the Companion App here:












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