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What was going on there, Max Strohe?

timer1 minMay 2023

Cooking, kitchens and tales from the neighbourhood: Max Strohe, Michelin-starred chef, author and recipient of Germany’s Federal Order of Merit, relates to MPULSE the stories behind his Instagram snapshots.

`I cook intuitively and instinctively for the most part. I’m more the lazy than the industrious type. On my menus, you won’t find any of those typical German overachiever dishes – the ones that lay the food out horizontally across the plate in an orchestration of colours, textures, varied treatments of the same ingredients and lots and lots of components. With something for everyone, dishes like that are a kind of insurance policy for the chef.

No guest can claim the chef was slacking on the job or hadn’t cooked themselves senseless.The opposite of the overachiever dish can be found on “The Taste” – where the spoon epitomises vertical cooking, or, as food critic Jürgen Dollase might put it, “the full chord”. The photo shows the remains of a misadventure in sophisticated plate presentation, born of an attempt to mask my perceived culinary inadequacies. And what could be better than devouring one’s own failures? It was tasty in any case.`

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Maximilian "Max" Strohe runs the restaurant Tulus Lotrek in Berlin jointly with Ilona Scholl. The restaurant received a Michelin star in 2017. For their initiative ‘Cooking for Heroes’ Strohe and Scholl were awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.
In his column in METRO magazine MPULSE, Max Strohe writes about selected stories to accompany the photos from his Instagram feed.

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