What was going on there, Max Strohe?

Cooking, kitchens and tales from the neighbourhood: Max Strohe, Michelin-starred chef, author and recipient of Germany’s Federal Order of Merit, relates to MPULSE the stories behind his Instagram snapshots.

Sprayed Michelin star on a wall

Getting to the restaurant to start the day, I go in through the back door and make my way through the dark dining area to the front entrance. I roll up the shutters and watch the sunlight pour in through the high windows and break across the bar.
I step out through the door and onto the terrace and behold my ‘adopted home’ with pride.
Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that something isn’t right. Red alarm. Fire engine red. Michelin red. Where for five years now the plaque from the Michelin Guide has hung, nothing remains but big holes and a pale outline.
What do you do when the symbol of something that means half the world to you has been maliciously stolen in a crude act of vandalism?
The same thing we did when we were cooking our way to this award: get creative and roll up our sleeves. After a quick trip to the DIY market, we spray the star back onto the old building facade. Wild and free. In the true Berlin spirit, in the spirit of Kreuzberg. In the spirit of us.

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About the author

Maximilian „Max“ Strohe runs the restaurant Tulus Lotrek in Berlin jointly with Ilona Scholl. The restaurant received a Michelin star in 2017. For their initiative ‘Cooking for Heroes’ Strohe and Scholl were awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.
In his column in METRO magazine MPULSE, Max Strohe writes about selected stories to accompany the photos from his Instagram feed.

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