The Wiesn – The Gigantic Celebration in a Fact Check

Over 6 million visitors from over 60 nations, 38 pavilions on an area of almost 59 football pitches. Without any doubt, the Oktoberfest is a festival of superlatives - also gastronomically. In 2018 alone, around 8 million litres of beer were slurped in 16 days. A gigantic culinary celebration - where METRO also supports its Wiesn customers.


Every year, the Oktoberfest attracts millions of people. And this has been happening for over 200 (!) years. It is considered to be the largest and most popular folk festival in the world. Also in this year Munich celebrates since the 21th of September the huge event.


Oktoberfest instead of Septemberfest

Well, the most obvious question is: Why is the Oktoberfest called Oktoberfest and not Septemberfest? After all, every year it starts in September. The reason for that goes back to the year 1810, the origin of the festival. The very first Oktoberfest was the wedding celebration of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese - and it lasted from the 12th to the 17th of October. The festival established itself, but the time period could not become established. Because of better weather conditions, the event organizers presented the Volksfest in September. Check!


Asphalt instead of meadow green

Not a bit green and nevertheless one of the most famous meadows is the “Theresienwiese”, location of the Oktoberfest since 1810. In honour of the bride it was named "Theresiens Wiese" - at that time actually a green meadow - which later gave it its present name. Also the expression "Wiesn" - frequently used as a synonym for the Oktoberfest - comes from the 42 hectare “Theresienwiese”. Check!

A brief conclusion 14 days after the tapping of the first beer barrel shows: Also in 2019 it will be a “Mordsgaudi” (regional proverb for a lot of fun) again. At least this also provided by the numerous bavarian delicacies and culinary Wiesn classics: chicken and knuckles, dumplings and spaetzli (South German pasta dish), strudel and Zwetschgendatschi (South German plum pie), just to name a few of them.


Plenty of delicacies - METRO makes it possible

Over 6 million visitors represent over 6 million empty stomachs to be filled. The résumé of 2018: 7.9 million beer, 130 whole oxen and 27 veal calves were eaten. A gastronomic challenge in which METRO as a wholesale specialist reliably supports its Wiesn customers.

Last year there was a record turnover, where only one (!) customer received the following:

  • 2 tons of Bergkäse (cheese produced in the Alps)
  • 10 tons of knuckle of pork
  • 5 tons of duck
  • 4 tons of flour (for Spätzle)
  • 2,000 litres of rapeseed oil (for frying, filled in barrels)

METRO's Sulzemoos delivery depot supplies festival pavilions with huge quantities of goods, including prominent names such as Fischer-Vroni, Hacker-Festzelt and Schützen-Festzelt. Other smaller pavilions and snacks, such as crêpes stands, are also supplied.

For last-minute visitors: The Oktoberfest can still be visited until Sunday, the 6th of October 2019.

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