How to Think Big With New Food Ideas?

From edible straws to noodles made from insect proteins: The start-up scene is just sparkling with new food ideas. But their new products often do not reach the masses. These are innovations that the food industry desperately needs.

The overgrowing world population, food waste, the limits of conventional livestock and the environmental impact are issues that haunt society. How can insect-protein based foods help address challenges such as the growing protein needs of an ever-growing population? Which innovative and sustainable products can reduce the environmental impact and should find their way into commercial retail?


From the idea to the shelf

The path to the grocery store shelf is often tedious and full of hurdles. Lots of bureaucracy with too many requirements that must be met, and more often than not, the experience with new products is simply missing. A trailblazer for innovation in the food industry and retail is NX-FOOD. The hub of METRO is in search of new technologies, impulses and innovative products. The types of things that can make their way into retail and reach the masses.

An idea that is now reaching the German market for the first time is pasta made of insect proteins. Daniel Mohr, founder of the Pforzheim company "Plumento" wants to make food made of mealworm flour popular in Germany. Thanks to a jump-start from NX-FOOD, whose goal is to promote sustainable food. And insects play a big role in that. They are considered a nutrient-rich alternative to meat and require far less food and space. At the same time, they only generate a fraction of greenhouse gases. Good for the environment and the climate.


For 3 months, food start-ups can now offer their new products in NX-FOOD's start-up shelf. A win-win situation: The customer has access to new, fresh products that are not yet available in grocery stores. The start-ups gain their first retail experience and test their products in both consumer and wholesale environments. And if the customers enjoy the product, it could be permanently added to the product range.


NX Food Startup shelfMore information about NX-FOOD can be found at the NX-FOOD Website. NX-FOOD offers you the opportunity to gauge the customers demand for your product in a three-month market-trial at our start-up shelves in METRO Cash & Carry and Real.

NX-FOOD, the airline operator Eurowings and the in-flight service provider Retail inMotion launched a new cooperation. Four start-ups will present their products in the Wings Bistro Magazine of Eurowings for a three-month validation phase and get permanently listed if successful



New food trends at NX-FOOD, Eurowings und Retail inMotion, METRO AG

Retail inMotion, Eurowings and METRO AG Team Up for Innovation, Retail inMotion

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