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Catering and butchery with responsibility: Maison le Grand from Plonévez-Porzay in Brittany sets an example. The video portrait in METRO Magazine MPULSE.

For us, this is paradise

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A rough wind blows along the cliffs of Brittany. Where tourists flock in summer, there is a pleasant emptiness from autumn onwards. On their walk after work, Tiphaine and Olivier Le Grand have the beach in Plonévez-Porzay, a small village with 1,700 inhabitants in the Finistère department, the westernmost tip of Brittany, almost to themselves. ‘We live here as if in a film,’ says Tiphaine Le Grand.

For more than 80 years, the name Le Grand has stood for delicatessen, meat and sausage products – made in Brittany, for Brittany. With their catering, the Le Grands supply the entire region, far beyond the borders of their hometown, up to Brest, down to Quimper. They are supported by 15 employees. And reliable partners. Like the METRO subsidiary Pro à Pro. Every week, the Le Grands are supplied with several food items such as couscous, rice and oil, vinegar and spices, chickpeas or peeled tomatoes. Olivier praises Pro à Pro for its ‘very good prices and outstanding quality.’ Delivery makes gastronomic life easier.

And when this gastronomic life takes place in such a picturesque setting, it quickly becomes clear why Tiphaine Le Grand says of the family business and her home: ‘For us, this is paradise.’

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Delivery services for restaurateurs

Food Service Distribution, or FSD, is a central part of METRO’s multichannel offerings. The FSD business comprises, among other entities, the METRO delivery service and five specialist delivery companies: Classic Fine Foods in the UK, Asia and the United Arab Emirates, Pro à Pro in France, Rungis Express in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Aviludo in Portugal and Pro a Pro Spain on the Spanish mainland and in the Balearic and Canary Islands. With 2,400 employees, 22 logistical warehouses and over 1.5 million deliveries to 40,000 customers annually, Pro à Pro is currently the largest of METRO’s purely FSD companies. In total, METRO’s delivery sales accounted for a share of 21% in financial year 2021/22, with more than €6 billion (2020/21: 17%). The expansion of this busi - ness is one of the pillars of the corporate strategy sCore, with the goal of tripling FSD sales by 2030.

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An assortment especially for professional customers. Own brands with excellent value for money and best quality. Local wholesale stores, Food Service Distribution (FSD), online marketplace and digital solutions tailored to the needs of the food service industry. METRO invests to support customers and make them even more successful. METRO's sCore strategy sets the goals until 2030. The successes are also reflected in the figures for the financial year 2021/22. To the annual report: www.reports.metroag.de

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