Our heart beats for wholesale

Wholesale trade – for us, it’s about systematically focusing on professional customers. METRO is always there for them, no matter where, how and when they need it.

Wholesale in transition

What´s all about?

  • METRO focusses on efficiency
  • Multichannel means shopping on demand
  • Partner at eye level
  • Relevant METRO product ranges
  • Wholesale prices for professional customers

Shopping that completely meets the customer’s needs, be it online or at a store, delivery or collection, via METRO app or in the online marketplace – that’s multichannel. And this includes digital tools that effectively and lastingly make restaurateurs’ and traders’ business activities easier. We are adapting our product ranges accordingly. And our prices too. We are transforming our wholesale stores. They will complement our network of delivery depots as multichannel fulfilment centres (MFC). As will specialist suppliers. Making purchasing quicker, closer, more digital.

METRO focusses on efficiency

Big packets on big pallets: the focus when it comes to the containers and layout is on practicality rather than aesthetics. This enables us to restock more efficiently. And our customers can load up their shopping more quickly – including with solutions like Scan & Go and clever design such as special carry handles on the packaging.

Multichannel means shopping on demand

The wholesale store, delivery, the online marketplace and digital services – all the channels are interconnected via one customer account. Professional customers can source everything they need from METRO, be it fresh produce such as meat and fish or food service equipment like serviettes and kitchen appliances. The advantage for the customers – a single order and delivery from a single source. Making the administrative side of things easier and saving time in comparison to orders placed with many different providers.

What is behind METRO's multichannel strategy?

Customers benefit from multichannel concept

Partner at eye level

Nothing beats personal contact. METRO is not only a provider of solutions, but also a partner, as embodied by our more than 90,000 employees. Customer centricity is our top priority, be it in terms of the advice offered at a wholesale store, the personal sales force managers  both in-house and in the field or digital customer support via, for example, the METRO app, WhatsApp or online. Here, too, we are right there where our customers are.

Relevant METRO product ranges

Maximum product availability and quality, easy selection and orientation – we achieve all this by adapting our product range depth. For example, instead of offering all kinds of different brands, we reduce the product range to our own brand and one premium brand. And METRO own brands meet all the expectations in both the food and non-food area, ranging from inexpensive basics to premium articles.

Wholesale prices for professional customers

METRO is very precise in its pricing – scaled prices, in other words bulk discounts at the wholesale store and in the METRO marketplace, afford customers stability and the ability to plan. And in the area of delivery, the sales force managers offer tailored attractive prices.

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