Making the Right Decision – With Digital Support

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become clear again that the food service industry needs digitalisation. Hospitality Digital has been working on digital solutions to simplify processes in gastronomy since 2015. Also due to Covid-19, the number of customers using DISH services has been recently increased.


Digital Tools not only save restaurant owners money, by helping them operate more efficiently, but also valuable time that they can invest in the aspects of their work that cannot be digitised: good food and time for their customers. And, especially in difficult times, digital tools help businesses keep their heads above water and comply with official requirements. Felix Urbanek from Austria is one of over 200,000 food service professionals worldwide using the solutions offered by HD’s online platform DISH (Digital Innovations and Solutions for Hospitality). He would not want to be without the MenuKit tool that helps him optimise his menus. ‘Before MenuKit, we did our menu calculations at Rex Eat using Excel spreadsheets,’ Urbanek explains. ‘As a caterer, we work with lots of products at once – so good merchandise management is essential,’ he adds. Thanks to MenuKit, he has also learned how to use the cost of sales as a marketing tool: ‘I can use the ultra-precise calculations to manage bestsellers, or rather cash cows, in a more targeted manner, and optimise profits quickly by reducing the cost of sales.’ This option is particularly valuable right now.

Digital solutions / consulting

Long before the Covid-19 crisis, METRO recognised the digitalisation potential in the hospitality industry and it offers its customers comprehensive advice in this area. METRO develops digital solutions to optimise workflows and free up more time for food service professionals and customers to spend doing the things that really matter.

More about the 6 strategic subject areas in the Annual Report 2019/20.

From menu planning and order buttons to the check-in tool

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, METRO has increasingly been providing advice to food service businesses on the targeted use of digital tools. DISH was very quickly updated to include an order button for deliveries, a reservation button for optimised management of table bookings, and a check-in tool for recording contact details quickly and securely. ‘As a partner of the food service industry, we are standing by our customers in these difficult times and supporting them through all the challenges,’ says Dr Volker Glaeser, CEO of Hospitality Digital. ‘During the Covid-19 crisis especially, our teams have shown that we can take lightning-fast decisions and develop solutions that provide urgent help to our customers.’

The number of customers using DISH services has even increased since the start of the pandemic. Since mid-November 2020, HD has been offering Starter and Professional subscriptions with a selection of digital solutions in 16 METRO countries. Felix Urbanek from Rex Eat is convinced of the digitalisation potential in the food service industry. ‘It means readjustment and does involve more effort to start with,’ he says, ‘but you can’t make the right decisions if you don’t have the right calculations, especially when it comes to cost-efficient menu planning.’

DISH Order: Digital ordering option with Google integration

With DISH Order, Hospitality Digital has developed a new digital solution to support restaurateurs during lockdown. Restaurant owners can easily integrate the order function into their existing website. The order option is also displayed in Google search or on Google Maps. Restaurateurs do not pay a commission per order, but a fixed monthly fee. DISH Order was piloted and tested in France, and the function is now also available in Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland.

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