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The hassle of discussing special requests with the kitchen staff? A thing of the past. Transferring orders because guests have moved to a different table? Simply see to it with a finger swipe. Placing follow-up orders? Let the restaurant guests do this themselves with a personal QR code. And bookkeeping? It’s all integrated via an interface.

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Justin checks the customer orders at the register

What's it all about?

  • DISH POS: a cash register system for everything
  • How restaurateurs can save time with DISH POS
  • Justin Lutke Veldhuis runs the KIR diner x bar in Borne and shares his experiences with DISH
Justin is checking the tables on his tablet with booq

This is all made possible by a digital cash register system. And it can do a whole lot more than ‘merely’ log and bill orders. The cloud-based solution helps to optimise business processes, reduce the guests’ waiting times, take the strain off staff and generate greater sales. How? Justin Lutke Veldhuis, who runs KIR Diner x Bar in Borne, Netherlands, explains. He has been using the all-in-one system since 2021 – and can no longer imagine life without it.

👍 Sales figures in real time

‘The dashboard shows me the sales figures in real time – the most popular dishes, the most lucrative tables and the top-selling foods and drinks per employee. This makes upselling easier because I can instantly see which employees are selling how many desserts after a meal, to give an example. I can then specifically instruct them to also offer an after-dinner cocktail or a coffee. This is good for our cash register on the one hand and rounds out the guest’s experience on the other.’

👍 Stock information via instant entry

‘The system tells me how much of each article is still in stock as I place the order. Take, for example, a special vintage wine, of which there is only one more bottle in stock. Or it tells me there are still three servings of sole – the service staff then immediately know when a dish of the day is no longer available. And I know I need to place a follow-up order.’

👍 Less need for coordination, no paperwork

‘It eliminates all the order slips, and much less consultation among the employees is needed – the service staff note special requests or intolerances on their handheld device right there at the table and the information appears directly on the screen in the kitchen. Before, the service staff had to discuss these things directly with the kitchen staff. This has now been eliminated – making both work areas a lot calmer.’

👍 Table organisation

‘Which tables have already placed their orders? How many minutes has it been since a server last attended to a table? This is very clearly presented using colours and time displays. If the service is too slow, the table turns red on the display. The very realistic arrangement of the floor plan including the surroundings helps with orientation, enabling new members of staff to find their way around more quickly. What’s more, you can merge or split tables, and therefore also bills, simply by dragging and dropping them.’

👍The direct line to accounting software

‘I can easily export all the analyses in an Excel or PDF format. The system also automatically transfers all the figures and data to the bookkeeping software every night.’

👍 Focus on individual guest wishes

‘The synchronised system shows the kitchen staff which tables have finished their starters, meaning it’s time for their main course. But our service staff can also note in the system that a group has popped outside for a smoke, for example, in which case the kitchen can hold off for a moment. And to give another example, a couple might tell their server that they only have a babysitter until 10.00 p.m. and that they would therefore like to be served quickly. The server can mark this table as ‘VIP’, which then also appears on the display in the kitchen and automatically puts the order at the top of the queue.’

💡 QR order placement

Another function in particular for large terraces and beer gardens is QR order placement. Having to wait a long time to order a drink or ask for the bill is frustrating for the guests. So alternatively, the server can give the guests a ticket with a personalised QR code when they take the first drinks order. The guests can then simply use this to place follow-up orders, which automatically appear on the terminal at the drinks counter. The service staff can then focus on what really matters. Incidentally, the system even works when there are internet interruptions as it comes with a mini server. All the data is then automatically synchronised as soon as the internet is up and running again, making internet outages irrelevant!

Learn more about DISH POS here and here 👇 and use it in your own restaurant!

DISH POS: one system for everything

The cloud-based cash register system DISH POS is just one of the METRO subsidiary DISH’s digital food service solutions. The point-of-sale (POS) system for the hotel and food service industry has rounded out the portfolio since the acquisition of the Dutch manufacturer Eijsink. The Dutch market leader has already sold the system to around 8,000 customers in the Benelux countries, where it goes by the brand name booq POS. Sales under the name DISH POS started in Germany and France in mid-2023, and the next roll-outs are scheduled for Italy and Spain. A number of functions such as display screens for kitchens are already available in the Netherlands, and there are plans to introduce these elsewhere too. The POS solution is non-device-specific and allows many other digital tools to be integrated, such as the DISH reservation and order placement tool. A digital interface of the German tax authorities for cash register systems (DSFinV-K) guarantees secure data exports as well as tax office compliance.

Justin Lutke Veldhuis

Justin Lutke Veldhuis in his restaurant KIR Diner x Bar in Borne, Netherlands

Profile: Justin Lutke Veldhuis

  • Justin Lutke Veldhuis, 34
  • Took the family business founded in 2006 over from his father in 2013
  • 150 seats in the restaurant, 60 in the bar, plus a party room for up to 120 people
  • 80 employees
  • Eijsink customer since 2021

📍 KIR Diner x Bar, Prins Bernhardlaan 148, 7622 BL Borne, Netherlands


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