From the sea to the plate

Grilled salmon, seafood salads or tuna tartare - fish and seafood offer endless possibilities for creative summer menus. In the catering industry, they are not only in demand for their fresh flavour, but also as a sustainable source of protein. However, this valuable resource requires responsible handling, especially in summer.

Fish in the sea
Fish in the sea

🐟 METRO products on the trail - freshly caught on your plate

Fish in the sea

METRO is the leader in fresh fish

Whether freshwater or saltwater fish, tender salmon or strong tuna - the focus is on the origin, quality and sustainability of the more than 350 fish species. METRO currently offers more than 2,000 fish, seafood and related products from sustainable sources worldwide and is constantly expanding its fish range. In order to protect fish stocks and avoid overfishing, METRO adheres to a global procurement guideline for fish and seafood. Wild fish products in the fish range are labelled with a catch area and fish seal provides customers with guidance.

fish labels offers guidance

Fish labels offer guidance

How do restaurateurs know they can buy and offer tuna with a clear conscience? Fish labels are one example of the guidance that identifies sustainable tuna.

Fish consumption 2024

In the first quarter of 2024, the fish information centre recorded an increase in the consumption of fish and seafood for the first time again. According to the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE), per capita consumption fell to 13.6 kilograms in 2022.

Ultra-fresh under the magnifying glass

To put ultra-fresh fish on the plate, certain procedures and rules must be followed. Read here to find out how METRO guarantees ultra-fresh fish. 👇

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Quality assurance for fresh fish?

Customer asks, METRO answers: How do you guarantee ultra-fresh fish? How do you maintain the cold chain?

Traceability of fish

Where does the fish come from? Was it farmed or wild caught? How was it slaughtered and transported to the market in Germany? These questions are key for METRO when it comes to sustainability and quality. To give customers a transparent insight, METRO has developed the PRO TRACE app , which can already be used to trace many fish from the fish range. One of these is the Bömlo salmon from Norway. METRO also works closely with local fishermen, such as Momo Mbaye from Senegal.

A trip to Norway

On the trail of METRO Chef Bömlo Salmon

Transparent from the fjord to the fish counter: behind the scenes of salmon farming in Norway – with video.

Sustainable rearing in aquacultures

Tuna is one of the most popular edible fish in Germany. According to Fish Information Centre, it ranked third after Alaska pollock and salmon in 2022. But tuna is not only popular, it is also under threat. To prevent overfishing and safeguard tuna stocks, sustainable aquacultures are an option. TunaTech operates some of these aquacultures and supplies the Düsseldorf restaurant SamaQ by ArabesQ with sustainable tuna.

Fresh happy tuna over a plate - This image was created by an image generator with the help of artificial intelligence.

Tuna from sustainable aquaculture

Tuna with a clear conscience? That's possible if it comes from sustainable aquaculture, as in SamaQ by ArabesQ.

Regional suppliers guarantee fish enjoyment

It's not just the Germans who love fish, but the Finns, Norwegians and Swedes in particular. They have the highest per capita consumption of meat and fish in Europe. In the Nordic region, the subsidiary of METRO Johan i Hallen & Bergfalk (JHB) fulfils the high demand, always taking into account the highest quality and freshness standards.

💡 Nine fish facts

It is well known that fish tastes good and is said to have some health benefits. But did you know that fish is often an ingredient in lipsticks and can induce hallucinogenic states? No. Then you will be amazed at the nine facts about fish.

Fish-free fish - pure plant-based fish flavour

More and more people are consciously avoiding animal products. Often for ethical reasons and not for reasons of flavour. There are fish alternatives for those who don't want to consume fish but still don't want to miss out on the flavour of fish. METRO already has some vegan substitute products in its range.

Dish with vegan fish

A good catch

Vuna, ZeaStar and Novish are not typos, but vegan substitutes for fish – the ‘next big thing’, according to market research.

Skilfully showcase fish with the right fish recipes

A high-quality product is the basis of a convincing dish. Once the ultra-fresh fish has been purchased, the next step is to prepare it. Fish cuisine is as varied as the sea itself. The right fish recipes are therefore in demand: For example, the Arctic char from Michelin-starred chef Sven Elverfeld.

Tainach brook trout by sven elverfeld

Recipe: Tainach brook trout – by Sven Elverfeld

Star chef Sven Elverfeld creates fine cuisine with simple products. His recipe recommendation: Tainach brook trout.

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