Dangast Pricke: Delicious, rustic and storm-proof

With its rustic North German charm and direct beach location, the Pricke restaurant in Dangast is very popular with guests. However, the proximity to the water can also be a challenge during storm surges. That's when owner Neele Bohnert has to batten down the hatches.

The Pricke in Dangast is located directly on the beach.

How the Pricke in Dangast defies storm surges and impresses guests with its self-service concept.

How the Pricke restaurant in Dangast defies storm surges and impresses its guests with self-service.

What´s all about?

  • How the Pricke in Dangast defies the harsh North Sea weather
  • Self-service concept with deposit system for up to 300 guests
  • METRO delivers goods to the storeroom
Owner Neele Bohnert-Meiners: Dangast Pricke: Restaurant by the North Sea

Sip an Aperol Spritz  while listening to lounge music, bury your feet in the soft sand and enjoy the sunset. The atmosphere of the North Sea restaurant Pricke in Dangast attracts many guests in the summer months. What makes it special: The restaurant is located in a so-called foreshore location. "That means we have no protection from the dyke," explains owner and manager Neele Bohnert. And that has both advantages and disadvantages. "We are right on the beach, with a view of the North Sea, which is fantastic in good weather. However, at high tide or storm surge, we are literally landlocked." But the Pricke team is prepared for this and batten down the hatches in rough and stormy weather. Boarded-up windows, stacked sandbags and a retracted roof protect the restaurant from the water. Even the fairy lights on the beach are waterproof. "From the base to the roof, the restaurant is structurally designed to withstand even a strong storm surge," says METRO customer Neele Bohnert.

Self-service at the Pricke in Dangast

Due to the ongoing staff shortage, Neele Bohnert opted for a self-service concept when opening the Pricke in Dangast in 2021. For guests, this means that they order their food at the bar, drinks are delivered straight to their hand and a pager flashes when the food is ready to be collected. At the end of their visit, guests take their crockery, cutlery and glasses back to the bar. To ensure that this works smoothly, Neele Bohnert has introduced a deposit system for her 300-seat restaurant. "We're in the middle of nature here, in the Wadden Sea, and it's important to protect it and keep it clean." The small but high-quality menu at Pricke Dangast includes trendy cocktails such as gin or Aperol Spritz, while savoury dishes include classics such as chips, tarte flambée and matjes rolls. Homemade cheesecakes or chocolate cakes can be enjoyed with tea or coffee, and there is always a vegan option on offer.

METRO delivery service brings goods to the storeroom

Twice a week, the METRO delivery service  delivers to Pricke in Dangast. "The driver has his own key and delivers the groceries directly to our pantry. Really a great service  ," says the restaurateur, "because we don't open the shop until later. She usually does her shopping on her mobile phone using the METRO app. This is an indispensable tool for her, as the nearest METRO wholesale store in Oldenburg is around 50 kilometres away. There she likes to look at the new range together with her customer manager and get inspired. It's not just the location that makes the Pricke in Dangast special for Neele Bohnert, but also the family atmosphere. "During the season, we're like one big family and our guests feel that too. There has to be time for a chat," says the owner. For her, one thing is certain: "I can't imagine doing anything else but living and working here, because Dangast and this special location are simply incredibly beautiful." 

Sales Force Manager Thomas Bonk flies to his customers

Customer visit by plane

How METRO sales force manager Thomas Bonk makes everything possible for his customers on the North Sea coast despite the rough weather.

Owner Neele Bohnert-Meiners: Dangast Pricke: Restaurant by the North Sea

About ... Neele Bohnert

From 2008 to 2011, Neele Bohnert completed an apprenticeship as a wholesale and export merchant at the METRO wholesale store in Oldenburg, where she was already in charge of the METRO delivery service in 2012. After a brief stint in online retail at Bünting E-Commerce, she returned to METRO in 2013 and worked in customer management for four years. In 2017, she moved to Transgourmet Germany, where she worked as Sales Manager for the catering industry until 2020. In 2021, she then ventured into self-employment and took over the former Sonnendeck restaurant in Dangast. After some remodelling and renovation work, the Pricke finally opened.

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