What was going on there, Max Strohe?

timer3 minDecember 2023

Cooking, kitchens and tales from the neighbourhood: Max Strohe, Michelin-starred chef, author and recipient of Germany’s Federal Order of Merit, relates to MPULSE the stories behind his Instagram snapshots.

Much like what you might find on a menu, what you see here is ‘a duo of’ breakfasts.

The first picture shows what’s left of a lavish buffet looking like street canyons and dystopian ruins. This was preceded by a greedy, early morning buffet rush. The buffet featured a great deal, if not to say everything – little of it good and a lot of it in excess. Product quality versus product quantity. You simply offer everything en masse, true to the motto of there then being something there for everyone.

Taken in Italy, the second picture (from the video on Instagram) presents the romantic and efficient version of a breakfast for the masses – table after table of lovingly prepared basics, a buffet featuring everything that won’t go off complemented by a small menu listing fine dishes that can be freshly prepared in accordance with the guest’s wishes.

In contrast to the battlefield of a German buffet, the focus here is on enjoyment rather than food envy or gluttony. At least, not first thing in the morning, molte grazie.

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About „Max Strohe“

Maximilian "Max" Strohe runs the restaurant Tulus Lotrek in Berlin together with Ilona Scholl, which has been awarded a Michelin star. In 2021, Strohe and Scholl were awarded the Medal of Merit of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for their "Cooking for Heroes" initiative.

In his column in the METRO magazine MPULSE, Max Strohe writes about selected stories to accompany the photos from his Instagram feed.

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